2024-05-27 15:27:16
Mobile Commerce Foundation – Sasawallet


Mobile Commerce

Utility payments, gift vouchers, mobile top-ups, or even sophisticated financial services such as loans, remittances, or currency exchange? Maximize your customer base potential with seamlessly integrated Mobile Commerce Foundation service offerings via SasaWallet’s e-commerce platform.


Essential for your digital wallet business expansion

Marketplace for your innovative digital wallet solution

Any digital asset accessible in your region can be integrated into your value proposition for the end user. Monitor and manage financial transactions across service providers and optimize your customer base.

Marketplace to expand your current business

Banks, telecoms, or retailers with an existing customer mobile App generate additional revenue streams by offering third-party services through your customer app as a sales channel.

Mobile Commerce Foundation KEY FEATURES

A variety of connectable digital services to enhance monetization in your financial ecosystem


The foundation for your digital wallet monetization

Enhance your digital wallet solution with a flexible marketplace. Establish new revenue streams while allowing your customers to purchase the required goods and services!